The Nighthawks (1963-1964)

DevilsDisciplesDevil’s Disciples (1964 – 1965)

The Syndicats (1965- 1966)

The-SynSyn — Mark III (1966- 1967)
“Created By Clive” b/w “Grounded” (single – released UK 06/23/67)
“Flowerman b/w “14 Hour Technicolour Dream”  (single – released UK 09/1/67)

Syn — Mark IV – V (1968)

Mabel-Greers-ToyshopMabel Greer’s Toyshop (1968)

Neat ChangeThe Neat Change (1968)
“I Lied To Auntie May” b/w “Sandman (Single – released UK 07/12/68) Peter Frampton on the A side / Peter Banks on the B side

Mark I (1968 – 1970)
Yes (LP released UK 8/69)
“Sweetness” b/w “Somethings Coming” (UK single 06/69)
“Sweetness” b/w “Every Little Thing” (US single 1/70)
Time And A Word (UK LP released 7/70)
“Time and A Word” b/w “The Prophet” (UK single 3/70)
“Sweet Dreams” b/w “Dear Father” (UK single 6/70)

Something’s Coming The BBC Recordings (UK release 1998) also released as: Beyond and Before (US release 1998)
Remastered YES, Time And A Word and YESterdays CDs released 1998

"Blodwyn" Pig with Peter BanksBlodwyn Pig ( 9/70 – 11/70 )

flash-group8Flash (1971- 1973)
Flash (LP released 1/72)
In The Can (LP released 1972)
Out Of Our Hands (LP released 1973)
all original albums reissued on CD in 1995 on One-Way Records USA
Psychosync (CD release in UK 1997)
In Public (worldwide Nov 2013)

Mark I (1974, released US 1995)
Mark II (released US 1996)
Mark III (released US 1996)
The Mars Tapes (released 2014)

Peter Banks, guitarist for Yes, plays guitar against a backdrop of a triangle and a large circular light. Los Angleles. ca. 1970s Los Angeles, California, USAPeter Banks Solo

Two Sides of Peter Banks (LP released 1973)
Instinct (CD release HTD 1994)
Self-Contained (CD released One-Way 1996)
Reduction (CD release HTD 1997)
Can I Play You Something? (CD release 1999; contains single tracks from Devil’s Disciples, The Syndicats, Syn, Mabel Greer and Yes.)


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  1. David Brandenburg

    What a special place in my heart that now is empty…I am such a fan of the talent that was Peter…RIP

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