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“Dear Father” on Top Gear

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“Looking Around” BBC Session

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Live at the Star Club: “Eleanor Rigby”

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  1. Hello from Riedstadt,

    I have found a very informative website, YES CHRONOLOGY. Since we are about to document the time of the Beat-Club 65 Goddelau from 1965-69 and want to create a website, I would like to ask you if we can use texts and pictures
    from your site. At that time, in the period from 1965-69 many bands played.
    > The Copycats, Marmelade, The Numbers, The Yankees, Soul Caravan
    > and also, 1969 YES
    It would be nice if you would allow me to use pictures, texts etc. from
    your side.
    Please confirmation request .

    I look forward to your answer.

    Best regards

    Manfred Nitschke

  2. To this day, I acknowledge Peter banks as the only guitarist yes ever had. In fact, he may not have been the greatest guitar player, but he was one of the band’s founders and that meant a great deal to me. Rest in peace peter.

  3. The information shared is of top quality which has to get appreciated at all levels. Well done…

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