1. Michael Tregaron

    I’m researching Yes’ appearance at the “12 Hour Happiness” concert at Nottingham racecourse on 12 July 1968, and wonder whether there may be have been an archive kept by Peter, which may have relevant photos or any info in general.
    Many thanks.

    • It was 1969 , but I don’t have any other photos for that date.


      • Michael Tregaron

        Many, many thanks for getting back, George.
        A keyboard fumble plus poor editing – July ’69, absolutely.
        Was there a set list or anything at all re the gig, and would it be possible to obtain a copy of the photo of the band that fronts the ‘Peter’s Yes Diaries’ page?

  2. I have been a fan of Peter’s since I was a teenager, when my brother and other friends of ours would diligently listen to his work on the Yes & Flash albums. He was a remarkable guitarist who had an unfortunate and undeserved series of bad breaks in his career but always played incredibly regardless of the circumstances. I was fortunate to get to know him a little bit thru our conversations on both My Space and Facebook and found him to be intelligent, funny and quite friendly. Before he passed I did tell him how much I’d enjoyed his playing over the years and what a great guitarist my cohorts and I thought he was. But I was quite shocked to learn of his death shortly afterwards and that sadness hasn’t subsided much since then. Peter was one of those guitarists who could play anything at any time and keep your attention focused on him because you could never tell what he was going to come up with next to boggle your mind. His style was melodic and passionate but his sense of humor and technique always came thru. Needless to say I miss those talks I had with him and will always look back on his work with respect and admiration. He was one of a kind!

  3. clive harris

    Hi , are there any videos or tabs on how to play lifetime by flash . i’ve got a few licks but not a lot so far

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