THE NEAT CHANGE mk3 (ca. MAY 19, 1968 - JUL 15, 1968) Stephen Smith, John Lumley Saville, Jimmy Edwards, Ian McLean, Peter William Brockbanks


June 8, 1968 London, UK Marquee Club with Timebox

the-neat-change-i-lied-to-auntie-may-1968-2 Neat Change - I Lied To Auntie May

July 5, 1968 SINGLE RELEASE "I Lied To Auntie May/Sandman" with Peter Banks, guitar on -b- side
July 6, 1968 London, UK Marquee Club with Gun
July 13, 1968 London, UK Marquee Club with The Iveys


  1. Ian McLean (Drummer with Neat Change)

    Great Days…

    • Wow! You played the Marquee club with the Gun. I would love to hear that concert. Thanks

  2. Steve Valentine

    Hi Ian,

    I used to play with Steve Smith in the westsiders, our first band in the early 60’s, after which he joined you guys, do you happen to know what happened to him.?

    All the best

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